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In the midwest, it is currently hunting season for deer. Now I want something to be clear, I am not against hunting. We have been hunting for eons. But is this a sport? That is the central question. I plan to break it down.

It takes skill to hunt. You must learn patience. You need to learn about winds, visability, scents, color, camo, breathing and so forth. That takes a lot. One person I knew liked to hunt a lot. One thing I know from his complaining: you need to learn to deal with boredom and the cold. Sitting in a deer stand for hours in the cold is sometimes not fun. But, that is part of it.
So, as in sports, you need to be skilled and practice. So in that sense it is a sport. You need to be skilled.

When I think of sports, each side is skilled on the same objective. Like baseball, both sides know to make home runs. Football, both sides know to make touchdowns. Bowling, both teams know to make strikes. Cricket, it was too boring for me to stay awake during but both teams are going for the same objective. Last I remember, it is like baseball, only in slow motion. Genereally at least.

This is where the difference comes in. Deer are not trying to kill you. They are not trained, nor get practice, nor know that a game has begun. Every sport has objectives and both sides know the rules and are equally matched for the most part. Let us go back to football (to clear it up, I mean American football). Both sides have the same amount of men, with the same gear. Both have the same rules. There are rules in hunting. There are plenty of them. Now, a dear does not know this. I mean, to make hunting a sport, you would need to be hunted as well. Right? Think about it. You have two people. Give them both 30.06 long range rifles, and 200 rounds. Each has the same gear and both have to follow them same rules. Not only is that more fair, but that falls in line with what a sport is. More so than the former.

With that, I do not think hunting is a "sport" but a skill. A hard skill. I am not saying it is easy. I am not saying it is wrong. In fact, I like hunters. They get food. We have to get it somehow. Some places, it is still like that. Not where I live though. I don't think I would call this one-sided killing a sport though. Now if I saw a deer with camo and a rifle, hunting a human, I would make that for cable TV.

To all the hunters out there. I am not downgrading you at all. Lots of luck on the hunt.
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