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First entry.

This should show what this group is about so I will put it into perspective. 

I was reading the news this morning like I always do and something struck my attention that was disturbing. I looked at the news and the headline was to this article:

The fastest text messanger in the world. Wow, someone is proud of this. Someone took the time to call someone to time them. Not only do I find that kind of sad but the headlines under it, in smaller fonts, were more serious and not displayed as much. Like this one:

People in Pakistan are so poor, they are donating organs. This is the point we are to. Donating organs to survive. This seems weird considering to live a healthy life you need your organs. Even with things like kidneys, you should have both. If you donate one you recieve medical attention to live a healthy life with just one. A proper diet, medication if needed, and we have things like clean water (compared to Pakistan), better food, and more access to those things. In the poverty these people are in, they do not have access to these things which pose a huge problem. This shows how little human life is viewed in this world. Money seems to run all. I know people could link the value of human life to abortion, I know this, but these people die painful deaths, with their brain working. Granted, I would never participate in an abortion, but it is not my place to say what a woman does with her body. I will voice my opinion, but not control them.

There is also this to consider:

More killing in Iraq. Bombs on buses. A hundred people died this weekend. I mean this stuff is disturbing. It appears this war is getting worse and worse. It brings a good point though, and even though I do not like using profanity on blogs too much, sometimes though, it always reminds me of "Killing for peace is like fucking for virginity." Makes you think.

This is how this can go. I mean, you don't need links and such. You can express your personal views. If you dislike the war not because you disagree with the cause, you just don't like the use of violence. Tell us. But this can bring up discussion and thought and I like that and it is healthy. Another thing is you can do this stuff without getting hassled by a teacher or graded by some halfwit.
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